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The Full Story

Meet Jan and Bruce Buchanan, the dynamic duo behind Buchanan Property Management. Proud natives of Northern Virginia, Jan and Bruce bring a wealth of experience and local insight to the table.

Jan grew up in Lake Barcroft where her parents settled in 1961. She graduated from Justice High School (JEB Stuart) in 1980 and University of Virginia in 1984. She has had a varied and eclectic professional life, moving from journalism and marketing to nutrition counseling and nonprofit management.

Bruce grew up in Arlington where he was in the class of 1978 at Yorktown High School. He earned an associate degree in marketing from Northern Virginia Community College. Entrepreneurially minded, Bruce turned his after-school job of mowing lawns in Arlington into a thriving lawn care business for 20 years. In the mid-1990s, Bruce transitioned into the real estate industry, dealing with the dynamic world of buying and selling residential real estate.

In 2000, his passion for fixing and maintaining things led him to establish a handyperson business, catering to individuals and property management companies who needed reliable and efficient support for their properties.

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Clients loved Bruce and turned to him to advise and help them with just about anything concerning their homes. One of Bruce’s biggest fans was the owner of a mid-sized property management company. Having kept his real estate licenses current and gaining his brokerage license, Bruce learned how to successfully run a property management company. In 2021, his friend retired and gave Bruce the keys to the business – and so Buchanan Property Management began.

Together, Jan and Bruce form an exceptional professional partnership. Bruce's keen eye for maintenance, coupled with Jan's administrative prowess and relationship-building skills, allow them to keep a vigilant eye on their properties and cater to the unique needs of their clients. Bruce's background as a handyperson ensures a cost-effective approach to repairs, making informed decisions that stretch your dollars. We monitor our maintenance professionals for their costs, expertise, and trust. “We take a very personal approach to what we do. When someone calls, they speak to Bruce or me,” says Jan.

Our commitment to a personalized approach underscores our dedication to ensuring your property needs are met efficiently and effectively. Trust Buchanan Property Management to oversee your property with care and expertise.

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